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World Database for Islamic Banking and Finance (WDIBF) has been developed to provide complete information about all the websites which are related to Islamic banking and finance. An attempt has been made to collect all the relevant websites. But we are sure that there are many website which have not been taken in this website, you are therefore requested to send your website or the website which you are familiar with but are related with Islamic banking and finance. After proper verification the same will be added in the website. The aim of the website is only to promote the Islamic banking and finance concept to all who are related with Islamic banking and finance directly or indirectly.

You can advertise in this website for the promotion of your business or activity at varies cheap rate and that also in an attractive way. But we do not promise you to advertise all kinds of activities.
This thing should be mentioned that e-mail correspondence in relevant matters is welcomed. Although we do look at every email received from you but we cannot promise to respond every email.

You are requested to send the relevant enquiry/suggestions to the following.

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