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Islamic Finance Today Magazine

Unique in its features, the world best magazine Islamic finance today is published by Pioneer Publications (Pvt) Ltd which is a Sri Lanka-based publishing house and part of the First Global Group, a conglomerate of companies involved in the field of Islamic Finance. Pioneer Publications publishes Islamic Finance Today, a quarterly magazine exclusively dedicated to Islamic Banking, Finance & Insurance. Islamic Finance Today (IFT for short) is today regarded as a leading international publication in the area of Islamic Finance, delivering to its discerning readership a mix of exclusive interviews with leading personalities in the field, scholarly contributions on a number of topics concerned with this very happening industry and news & events to keep readers updated on the latest developments in the industry. The magazine is distributed through leading international book chains such as MPH of Malaysia and Vijitha Yapa in Sri Lanka and frequently comes in as a Media sponsor at various international forums on Islamic Banking & Finance where copies are distributed to participants on a complimentary basis. The magazines are also sent to leading Islamic scholars, Islamic Financial institutions, universities and libraries. The magazine reaches to different parts of world on vary low yearly subscription. Tha magazine is edited by Asiff Hussein. The annual subscription of the magazine ranges from 20 to 25 USD in the world.







New Horizon Magazine

NewHorizon is possibly the oldest magazine published in English on Islamic banking and insurance. It has been in publication for over 15 years, and is the official journal of the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI), an independent non-profit organisation. Founded in London back in 1991, it is now one of the world's leading independent education, training and research organizations dedicated solely to the promotion and implementation of Islamic finance in the UK and globally. NewHorizon publishes in-depth articles on various aspects of Islamic banking and insurance, including new regulations, products and services, and launch of new Shari’ah-compliant financial institutions. The publication offers profound analysis of such areas of Islamic finance as retail banking, capital markets, sukuk, takaful and retakaful, structuring the derivatives in accordance with Shari’ah principles, credit risk management, qard hasan microfinance, Islamic funds and their management and so on. The magazine enjoys a wide readership in around 105 countries. Over the years the look and contents of NewHorizon has evolved to reflect the times. IIBI is now working with IBS Publishing to produce the magazine. NewHorizon embraces challenges facing the Islamic financial sector right across the globe, from the developments in the well-established Islamic banking markets in the Middle East and South East Asia, through the growing markets of Pakistan, UAE and the UK, to the attempts to introduce this industry in a number of African countries and also Australia, Canada and Russia. Whether you are already an Islamic finance specialist, about to enter the world of Islamic banking and insurance or just interested in this subject, but you find the magazine interesting, thought-provoking and educational, is the quality of the magazine. Tanya Andreasyan is the editor of the magazine. The annual subscription for the magazine outside London is Euro 40.







Business Islamica Magazine

Business Islamica is the first monthly magazine of its kind in the UAE, specifically covering all aspects of Islamic business and finance both regionally and internationally. Based in the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) - an emerging hub for those investing along Shariah principles - the magazine's objective is to spearhead awareness initiatives, heighten knowledge of its core principles and practices and feature the latest developments in this industry. Islamic Finance, which was once considered as no more than an interesting aspect on the periphery of conventional mainstream finance, has emerged as a major global force, developing and growing faster than its conventional counterpart. The editorial covers interviews with key industry leaders, case studies, and includes features on a wide range of topics such as; Islamic Banking, Wealth Management, Takaful (Islamic Insurance), Islamic Retail Finance, Marketing and Branding of Shariah Compliant products, Regulatory Issues, Islamic Business Challenges and Risk Management.



Global Islamic Finance Magazine

Global Islamic finance magazine is a monthly magazine publishing from United Kingdom. The magazine contains news and other articles related to Islamic banking and finance in the world. The magazine is unique from its features.







Islamic Banking and Finance

Islamic banking and finance magazine was lunched in February 2003. Since, its first issue it has met with approval from the most demanding reads the CEOs, MDs and other influential executives across the sector. Outside the boardroom the top-flight circulation of Islamic banking and finance is reinforced at industry conferences and seminars. Regular editorial features focus on all aspects of Islamic banking and finance. The coverage of the magazine extends to other areas as well, including takaful, law, software and property. Issues also contain a special report. The magazine is published six times in a year.







Shirkah Magazine

Shirkah magazine is from Agno Switzerland and is considered and the first Swiss magazine of Islamic banking and finance. It is published as a bilingual magazine, English and Italian and is published quarterly. Goal of the magazine is to develop the potentialities, the opportunities and the ethical essence of Islamic banking and financial industry among Islamic banking and financial institutions and with western counterparts with a spirit of collaboration.







Islamic Business and Finance Magazine

It is a monthly magazine published from Dubai. Islamic Business & Finance offers advertisers unique exposure throughout the global Islamic finance community. It provides a platform to highlight your success and form business partnerships within the community. Our readers control substantial institutional investments and are at the forefront of innovation and the expansion of the industry. Capital markets, Islamic funds and takaful are the regular sections of the magazine. The magazine is considered the worlds most thought provoking monthly magazine dedicated to the development of Islamic finance globally. With a team of experienced journalists and contributors readers are kept up to date with the latest developments from within the Islamic finance community. Launched in December 2005 Islamic Business & Finance has quickly established itself as an essential read for all involved in this rapidly expanding industry.





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